TOTAL METAL - The NEAT Anthology -2005
Castle Music/Sanctuary Records .(2CD)

1.Total Metal 2.Pour The Metal In 3.Foliage 4.Teutonic Pain 5.Funeral Pyre
6.Rich Bitch 7.Starchild 8.Warzone 9.Vision Of Belshazzar 10.Burn In Hell
11.Requiem 12.Protector 13.Dead Man's Hand 14.This Planet's Burning
DISC 2  
1.Future Warriors 2.Queen Of Death 3.The Cage 4.Demolition 5.Heat And Pain
6.Mode3 7.Your Mentor
Bonus Tracks
8.Trial By Deception  9.Demolition Boys 10.Vision Of Belshazzar(live)
11.Foliage(live) 12.Annihilate The Bride 13.Dance Of The Immortals
14.Total Metal (demo 1983) 15.Death Valley (demo 1983).

Unreleased - 1988
Metal Battle Live
Unreleased - 1988
Conductots of Noize - NEAT Records 1987(LP Mini)
Side 1
1.Requiem 2.Foliage 3.The Cage.
Side 2
1.Vision Of Belshazzar 2.Teutonic Pain 3.Rich Bitch
Members: Ian Swift - Tony Dolan - Rob Matthews - Ged Wolf

1987 (LP)
Side 1
1.Queen Of Death 2. Protector 3.Demolition 4.Funeral Pyre 5.Mode III
Side 2
1.Requiem 2.Foliage 3.The Cage 4.Vision Of Belshazzar 5.Teutonic pain 6.Rich Bitch.
Members: Ian Swift - Tony Dolan - Rob Mathews - D.C.Rage -
Ged Wolf

Queen of Death - Neat/Roadrunner 
1.Queen Of Death 2.Protector 3.Demolition 4.Funeral Pyre 5.Mode Iii
Members: Ian Swift - Rob Matthews - D.C. Rage - Ged Wolf
(Plays bass on all xcept 1 & 2)

Future Warriors -Neat Records 1985(LP)
Side 1
1.Future Warriors 2.Starchild 3.Dead Man's hand 4.Total Metal
Side 2
1.Pour The Metal In 2.This Planet's Burning 3.Warzone 4. Burn In Hell
5.Heat And pain
Members: Tony Dolan - Rob Matthews - Ged Wolf
Total Metal Attack
Music: No Escape
Old School Records 2004

The Flame Burns on Neat
Music: Future Warriors
Castle 2002
2 CD
Queen of Death
Castle/Neat singles 2002
3 CD

Features on the 3 CD's the whole Queen Of Death E.P.All 5 tracks
Taste the Hate
Demolition Records 2000

Featured tracks:
Trial By Deception
Demolition Boys
[ a cover version of the Girschool track ]
Members: Ian Swift - Tony Dolan - Rob Mathews - Ged Wolf
Metal Masters
Castle Communications 1993
4 CD
Featured tracks:
Future Warriors
Members: Tony Dolan - Rob Mathews - Ged Wolf
Your Mentor
X-Tra Collection 1993
2 CD
RKT Records 1989
Your Mentor
Neat 1986

Featured track:
Your Mentor
Members: Tony Dolan - Rob Mathews - Ged Wolf
Live in Poland
Unreleased 1988
Conductors of Noise
Jettisoundz 1987
Heat and Pain Soundtrack
Metal City/Neat 1985