Witching Hour
Demolition Records 2003.
1.Angel Dust 2.Megalomania 3.Prime Evil 4.Buried Alive 5.Civilised
6.Welcome To Hell 7.Skool Daze 8.Live Like An Angel(Die Like A Devil)
9.Witching Hour 10.Countess Bathory 11.Bloodlust
The Best Of VENOM Witching Hour
Delta Music 2003

2 CD
Featured 'Demolition Man' tracks
Disc 1
8.Black Metal(not Buried Alive!)
Bonus Disc:
1.Bursting Out(live) 2.Die Hard 4.Teachers Pet(live)
10.Speed King 11.School Daze
EAagleRecords 2002
2 CD
1.Cursed 2.Need To Kill 3.Wolverine 4.I'm Paralysed 5.Crucified 6.Into The Fire 7.Riddle Of Steel 8.Shadow King 9.Kissing The Beast 10.Even In eaven 11.Trinity MCMXLV 0530 12.Parasite 13.If You Wanna War 14.Temples Of Ice 15.Playtime
1.Angel Dust 2.Hell Bent For Leather 3.Teachers Pet 4.Prime Evil 5.Harder Than Eve 6.In Nomine Satanu 7.Black Metal 8.Flatline 9.Blackened Are The Priests
.Carnivorous(live) 11.Witching Hour 12.Teacher's Pet(Live) 13.School Daze

Lay Down Your Soul
Burning Airlines 2002
1.Teachers Pet/Skool Daze 2.1000 Days In Sodom 3.Black Metal/Insane 4.Blackened Are The Priests 5.Bloodlust
.Carniverous 7.Countess Bathory 8.Diehard 9.Harder Than Ever 10. Into The Fire 11.Skeletal Dance 12.Welcome To Hell
Bitten - Live
NMC 2002

1. Welcome To Hell 2. Insane 3. Blackened Are The Priests 4. Harder Than Ever 5. Prime Evil 6. Burstin' Out 7. Countess Bathory 8. Carniverous
9. Hell Bent For Leather 10. Witching Hour
Kissing the Beast
Neat 2002

2 CD
#FF0000.Cursed 2.Need To Kill 3.In Memory Of (Paul Miller 1964-90)
.Wolverine 5.Arachnid 6.I'm Paralysed 7.Crucified 8.Into The Fire 9.Riddle Of Steel 10.Shadow King 11.Trinity MCMXLV 0530 12.Black Legions 13.Parasite
.Acid 15.Tribes 16.Even In Heaven 17.Kissing The Beast
1.Live Like An Angel 2.Welcome To Hell 3.Bursting Out 4.Countess Bathory
.Black Metal 6.Buried Alive 7.Die Hard 8.Angel Dust 9.Witching Hour
.Teachers Pet 11.School Daze 12.In Nomina Satanas  13.Blood Lust 14.Hell Bent For Leather 15.Speed King(Deep Purple cover)

Realto 2001


Realto 2001

1.Speed King 2.Flatline 3.Bloodlust 4.Into The Fire 5.Kissing The Beast 6.Shadow King 7.Insane 8.Civilised 9.Parasite 10.Trinity MCMXLC 0530 11.The Ark 12.Crucified 13.Need To Kill
14.Tribes 15.Skool Daze 16.Countess Bathory 17.Harder Than Ever 18.Wolverine

The Collection
Connoisseur 2000

1 .Temples Of Ice 2.Tribes 3.Arachnid 4.Speed King 5.Even In Heaven 6.Prime Evil 7.Parasite 8.Insane 9.Harder Than Ever 10.Wolverine
11.Shadow King 12.Riddle Of Steel 13.I'm Paralysed 14.Kissing The Beast
15.Welcome To Hell 16.Countess Bathory 17.Black Metal 18.Teachers Pet
The Court Of Death
Receiver Records 2000

1.Cursed 2.Need To Kill 3.In Memory Of(Paul Miller 1964-90) 4.Wolverine
.Arachnid 6.I'm Paralysed 7.Crucified 8.Live Like An Angel-Die Like A Devil 9.Into The Fire 10.Riddle of Steel 11.Shadow king 12.Trinity MCMXLV 0530 13.Black Legions 14.Parasite 15.Acid 16.Tribes 17.Even In Heaven 18.Kissing The Beast
New, Live & Rare
Deadline Music 1998

2 CD
1.Harder Than Ever 2.Skeletal Dance 3.Speed King 4.Welcome To Hell
5.Blackened Are The Priests 6.Playtime 7.Carnivorous 8.Die Hard 9.Hell bent For Leather 10.Burstin Out
1.Prime Evil 2.Black Metal 3.Megalomania 4.Faerie Tale 5.Civilized
6.Clarisse 7.Temples of Ice 8.Angel Dust 9.Teacher's Pet 10.Witching Hour
Greatest Hits & More
3 CD
Buried Alive
Receiver 1999
1.Welcome To Hell 2.Burstin' Out 3.Countess Bathory 4.Skeletal Dance
.Civilized 6.Megalomania 7.Black Metal 8.Buried Alive 9.Blackened Are The Priests 10.Faerie Tale 11.Die Hard 12.Carnivorous 13.If You Want A War 14.Angel Dust 15.Playtime 16.Hell Bent For Leather 17.Clarisse
18.Speedking 19.Temples Of Ice 20.Witching Hour 21.Teachers Pet
22.Insane 23.Prime Evil 24.Harder Than Ever 25.School Daze 26.Surgery
Black Reign
Receiver 1996
1.Insane 2.Civilised 3.Die Hard 4.In Nomine Satanas 5.If You Want A War 6.Countess Bathory 7.Harder Than Ever 8.Welcome To Hell 9.Carniverous (Live) 10.Angel Dust 11.Fragile Life 12.Teacher's Pet 13.Skool Daze
14.Buried Alive 15.Blood Lust 16.Surgery 17.Black Metal 18.Flat Line
.Blackened Are The Priests 20.Prime Evil 21.Bursting Out 22.Witching Hour
Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
Bleeding Hearts 1994
1.Countess Bathory 2.Skeletal Dance 3.Speed King 4.Welcome To Hell 5.Playtime 6.Die Hard 7.Clarisse 8. Hell Bent For Leather
.Prime Evil10.Teacher's Pet 11.School Daze 12.Faerie Tale
14.Temples Of Ice 15.The Witching Hour
Kissing the Beast
DISKY Communications.B.V.Hoorn 1993

1.Black Metal 2.Die Hard 3.Flatline 4.Welcome To Hell 5.In Nomine Satanas 6.Witching Hour 7.Angel Dust 8.Fragile Life 9.Bloodlust 10.Countess Bathory 11.Buried Alive 12.Burstin' Out
Members: Abaddon - Mantas - Demolition Man
The Wastelands
Under one flag 1991
CD - LP - K7
1.Cursed 2.I´m Paralysed 3.Black Legions 4.Riddle Of Steel 5.Need To Kill 6.Kissing The Beast 7.Crucified 8.Shadow King 9.Wolverine 10.Clarisse

VENOM In Memorium 1981 -1994
Deadline Music 1998

CD - LP - K7
14.Countess Bathory
16.Prime Evil
17.If You Wanna War
Temples Of Ice
Under One Flag 1991
CD - LP - K7
1.Tribes 2. Even In Heaven 3. Trinity 4. In Memory Of 5.Faerie Tale
6.Playtime 7.Acid 8.Arachnid 9.Speed King 10.Temples Of Ice
Tear Your Soul Apart
Under one flag 1990

1.Skool Daze 2.Burstin Out 3.The Ark 4.Civilised 5.Angel Dust  6.Hellbent
Prime Evil
Under one flag 1989
LP - PD - CD - K7
1.Prime Evil 2.Parasite 3.Blackened Are The Priests 4.Carnivorous 5.Skeletal Dance 6.Megalomania 7.Insane
8.Harder Than Ever 9.Into The Fire 10.Skool Daze 11.Live Like An Angel - Die Like A Devil

Live Russia
Unreleased 1992
Hard and Heavy
Metal XS 1990
VHS Compilation
Live '90
Filmtrax 1990