Tony “Demolition” Dolan
Guitar/Vocals (79-81) Bass/Vocals (81-86)
Bass (86-87) Guitar (88) Bass/Vox (2004 - ???)
Payre Hulkoff - Guitar (2005)
Steve Mason - Drums (2005)
Paul Spillet - Drums (81-84)
Steve White - Guitar (81-83)
Mark Irvine - Bass (81)
Ged Wolf - Drums - (85-88)
Rob Mathew - Guitar (85-88)
D.C.Rage - Bass (86-8)
Ian Swift - Vocals  (86-88)
Neil Render - Guitar (85)
IG - Drums (86)
Raggy – Guitar (86)


T H E N . . .

On a hot summers day in 1979 Tony Dolan and Paul Spillett, while walking into the famous northern town of Newcastle - upon -Tyne, conceived an idea to form a band. They had messed around with music before but now they thought they should consolidate their efforts and begin to realize a dream. AtomKraft was born here, although it would begin it's life a little differently to what it ended up.
Tony set about forming his band with Paul Spillet They had many members coming and going as they used the name 'Moral Fibre' (a Punk outfit) finally settling with a Guitarist, Chris Taylor(mainly because he had a Les Paul Studio guitar which impressed them!).
Taylor returning after a visit to Bremen Germany brought gifts for Tony and Paul in the shape of badges featuring the slogan, 'AtomKraft Nein Danke'. On seeing this both Tony and Paul though it a much better name for the trio .The late 70's and early 80's were smothered in Nuclear fears and so the name fit right in.
Soon after adopting the name Taylor was removed. Tony and Paul began to write, under their new name, much heavier material and were on the look out for a new guitarist. Tony met Steve White at art college and Steve, being a guitarist, was asked to audition as he seemed to get on with the duo well .He did and was then invited to join AtomKraft, making it a trio again. Soon after Steve joined, bassist Mark Irvine, also at art college, was invited to join, which he did. Now as a four piece the boy's were set to go. Tony would be rhythm guitar and vocalist. This line up wrote and played only 4 shows before Irvine quit. His parents disagreeing with the Heavy Metal image and lifestyle he had adopted!
So once again they were a trio. So Tony took over bass again and the band played on!
AtomKraft ,the trio, began recording sessions at a friend home for practice. Committing lot's of early material to tape. It was very rough around the edges but had vitality. They began playing regularly locally and were building towards their 1st real demo. They entered Impulse studios to record the 'Demon' demo around '81.
The demo was recorded in 2track only and running out of time the boy's managed to squeeze 4 songs onto tape. With Keith Nicol at the helm(who would later produce AtomKraft)the result was awful! However seeing only good in the bad,the boy's surged on.
Playing more and more shows with the likes of Warrior, AtomKraft began to prepare for another demo. Early in '83 the band hit Impulse again and decided to record only 2 songs thereby affording more time to the recording. The result was the infamous 'Total Metal' demo. Featuring, 'Total Metal' and 'Death Valley'. This was gruesome. Heavy as hell and still nuclear. No demons in sight!
After the recording was complete Steve met a man at Neat records called Sam Kress who had a radio station and magazine called 'Whiplash' in San Francisco and was at Neat touting a band called Metallica for a deal with Neat(who turned them down!!!!!!).Steve gave Sam the 'Total Metal' demo. He liked it and promised a column in his mag.
Things went a bit array in late '83 and Steve was forced to leave AtomKraft for personal reasons. This was quite a blow and Tony feeling a little affected decided to move to Canada for a while where some of his family still lived. The band was over he thought.
However things took a different turn. In 1984 Paul joined Tony in Canada and the magazine Sam Kress had promised was delivered to Tony in Canada. A real good write up and picture of the band and they shared the magazine with, Venom, Raven, Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth. This was inspiring, so Tony and Paul began to write again. Tony even found a band and played some shows but soon realized that if they were to do AtomKraft it would have to be back in England where the vibe was better and more aggressive.

He returned in late '84 and prepared to begin a search for another guitarist but soon realized that Paul's playing had stayed at the same level also and he knew that more would be required as the metal scene had truly been explosive with the NWOBHM and now power metal(soon to become thrash)was making headway. So Tony parted ways with Paul. So now what, there was only him! All was not lost however.
Enter Ged Wolf!
On a visit to Neat Records to see if anyone there might know of a drummer looking for work, Tony met Cronos (Conrad Lant).A brief discussion followed, Tony was also looking to sell his guitar that he'd been using in Canada and buy a bass. Conrad had a bass he no longer used so they arranged a straight swap.
The guitar was knew and a cool guitar and the bass exchanged was a piece of shit.A black flying V that Cronos had used in the 1st Hammersmith Odeon video(later Tony would destroy it when AtomKraft supported Slayer at the Marquee!).
He mentioned to Conrad about his search for a drummer and as luck would have it conrad told him of the Venom manager's brother Ged who was looking for a new band after leaving the band Tysondog on completion of their 1st album. So Tony and Ged met and chatted and that was that. AtomKraft was re-born!
Now all that was needed was a guitarist.
Tony and Ged auditioned a few guitarists but they all sucked, playability wise and attitude wise. Then they got a break when someone was suggested!
A young 16yr old called Rob Mathew who was by all account's a great player and lived nearby and had no band to speak of Tony and Ged met with Rob and they all hit it off and so these three became the AtomKraft that would record the 'Future Warriors' in 1985.
Tony began writing immediately with Rob and Rob's style began to adapt to that of Tony's writing and after a month or so they were ready to record a demo. They booked the Neat records studio and recorded the 'Pour the Metal in' demo. They began circulating the demo and began to receive positive response from fanzine to fanzine when Dave Woods of Neat offered them a deal.
£1 advance publishing for the world,3 albums(with options)and no financial support. Wow, what a deal! You gotta be fucking joking? they said great we'll take it!
They had some nice pictures taken for promo and began writing the 'Future Warriors' album.The tracks written and a couple of weeks in the studio the album was done! Mixed with minimal guitar sound, too heavy on the drums and generally bad 'Neat' production by the ever incapable Keith Nichol, the boys loved it!'Total Metal'(which featured on the album) was a complete shadow of it's former self but it was their first album so they rose with pride. Kerrang's, Mark Putterford reviewed 'Future Warriors' with a whopping 0.5K! However his quote's and humor made it the best review they would probably ever get.
More reviews gave the boys the thumbs up and interviews began to pour in! Then Venom announced their tour upcoming with Exodus and invited AtomKraft to join the bill. Which of course they did.
The tour went really well, Paul Balloff (now deceased ,Exodus vocalist),telling Tony how the 'Total Metal' demo was a bit of a favorite with the bay area bands and thrashers!
After the tour ended AtomKraft began to record their next piece. It would be an EP/single, Featuring the A side track 'Your Mentor' and on the B side, 'Demolition', Funeral Pyre' and 'Mode 3'.However this would not hit the stores as a rather heavy discussion over management of the band began.
Tony had had an offer of a London based management whilst Venom's management offered their "expertise"! Tony wished to move out of what was fast becoming the Venom shadow and Ged and Rob wanted to move in closer. A compromise was not going to be reached .So Tony left!
Neat released 'Your Mentor' on the 'Powertrax' cassette and Ged and Rob, with the assistance of their new management recruited other neat bands to assist them in writing and playing 2 new tracks for the now to be released EP without Tony.
Avenger vocalist, Ian Swift along with Tysondog's, Alan Hunter lending their vocal talent's and D.C. Rage brought in as bassist. AtomKraft released the 'Queen of Death' EP. They also re-recorded the track, 'Future Warriors' with Davison's vocals and licensed it for a compilation. Although this was pushed as AtomKraft, minus Tony,it actually still featured Tony's playing on 'Demolition', 'Funeral Pyre' and 'Mode 3'.All they had done was record 2 new tracks, 'Queen of Death' and 'Protector' for the A side and shot new pictures for the cover. Leaving Tony's credits off was easy. All tracks are credited as AtomKraft! 
However the band never played live and when it came time to record again they were stuck! What to do? Tony received visitors, it was Ged Cook and Ian Swift, who asked him to consider returning to AtomKraft, leaving Swift as vocalist and replacing D.C. Rage on bass.
Tony had written 6 new tracks and had secured a new record deal when it fell through, helped no doubt by the new management and Neat!So he was left with the songs and nowhere to go to record them, so he agreed to return.
With Swift as vocalist AtomKraft (now a four piece) began to rehearse the songs that would make up the next release. The mini Lp, 'Conductors of Noize'.
'Conductors of Noize' completed and featuring the tracks, Requiem, Foliage, The Cage, Vision of Belshazzar, Teutonic  Pain, Rich Bitch, AtomKraft set out to promote the mini album as a four piece. The toured in support of, Agent Steel and Nuclear Assault. Filming the 'Live Conductors' video at their Hammersmith Odeon date, the show also getting a live BBC radio broadcast. They played the Dynamo festival in Holland along with, Testament, Destruction, Stryper and the show also went out live on Dutch  radio. At the end of this tour, the band felt that a 2nd guitarist was needed .They had recorded demos for the next full album entitled 'Atomized' after the tour and had used a thicker guitar sound!
whilst considering this question Tony said it seemed obvious that he should return to rythm guitar and that D.C. Rage should be re-recruited as he was already connected to the band. Thus solving the problem whilst reducing the time needed for recruiting!
This agreed, Rage was re-enlisted and the band began rehearsals for the next tour. European dates with Nasty Savage and Exhumer. This tour set out in 1988.AtomKraft playing behind the then Iron curtain as the first British Thrash act to do so.A point the British press seemed to overlook for it's achievement!
Whilst in Katowice, Poland, the band played the Spodek stadium and recorded a live T.V. broadcast which was recorded for video and future release alongside the upcoming 'Atomized' album.
The tour completed AtomKraft returned home. Swift decided to leave the band and Tony received and offer from the venom management to join Venom as Cronos had departed company and wouldn't be signing the new deal offered by Music for Nations.

In the AtomKraft camp things were in disarray again! Contrary to popular belief, Neat records did not refuse to option another AtomKraft album. The band split up and it all came to an end.
Tony joined Venom in 1988.Ged continued to recruit for AtomKraft but it was never again realized. Swift left to be a butcher. Rob Mathew left to be a street musician. D.C. rage? presumed missing!
AtomKraft will release an anthology in 2004 through Sanctuary records,featuring the best from their Neat recordings. A new album is on it's way in 2004.Plus AtomKraft on DVD with interviews and live material from Hammersmith and Poland will be out in 2004.
I will try to keep this site updated with relevant release dates, so keep checking!
Thank you for reading.
ATOMKRAFT feature in several reference books. So if you want to check anything we might have missed here or are just curious here's some that we know about and some ratings.
'Extreme Metal' Joel Mciver/omnibus Press 2000.7/10 poor research. 3rd album titled incorrect. Featured picture . 
'The Great Metal Discography' M.C .Strong/Mojo Books 1st and 2nd editions 1998/2001. 5/10.Poor research but does list the 3 major releases through Neat records correctly.
'A-Z of Thrash Metal' Garry Sharpe-Young/Rockdetector.10/10.Great research. Three major releases noted. 'The NWOBHM Encyclopedia' Malc Macmillan/Iron Pages 2001.10/10.Excellent research. with a complete discography.
'Heavy Metal catalogue edition 2'.7/10.Minimal research and main releases only. 'The Guiness Who's Who of Heavy Metal' Colin Larkin/Guinness, 2nd edition.8/10 Brief to the point info. Main releases noted. Not full discography.




Tony 'Demolition' Dolan - Bass/Vocals '89/'93
Mantas - Guitar '79/'86 - '89/'03
Abaddon - Drums '79/'00
Al Barnes - Guitar '89/'90
Steve White - Guitar '92
VXS - Keys - '92


At the latter end of 1988,Atomkraft,having just completed their most successful tour to date,returned to England and were due to begin recording their 2nd full studio album to be entitled 'Atomized'. However their plans were about to be changed indefinately!
Tony recieved a phone call from Venom management,Eric Cook and Abaddon,they wanted to meet with him.Tony went to meet the duo and was told they had a proposition.
Cronos had departed Venom with guitarists,Mike H and Jim Clare to follow a solo career(all had not been well within the Venom camp!).They had only recorded one album,'Calm before the Storm' ,to luke warm reviews, and so Venom were on the "Satanic" rocks,so to speak!
Un beknown to Cronos,a deal had come through for Venom from Martin Hooker of Music for Nations to put the band on their 'Under one Flag' label,on the strength of the 'Deadline' demos. Abaddon had convinced Mr.Hooker that there was still a Venom and that they had recorded these demos and were ready to sign a deal.The reality being that Abaddon was the only member left and the demos had infact been recorded by the Calm line up.
Now the deal was on the table Abaddon had his work cut out.Not only had he to find a line up for the band but he also had to get a complete album together that could be delivered to Under one flag.
Promise of monies and the privilage of being in Venom was offered to Tony(who was infact a great fan of the band).How exciting! Invited into Venom,asked to help write an album and paid money for the privilage.What fan could turn that down?Also Abaddon promised(with a little help from Tony )the return of Mantas.Tony had worked for Mantas by appearing as his bass player in his Video for his solo single 'Deceiver',featured on MTV.So Abaddon knew that whilst his relationship with Mantas was a little rocky,to say the least,Tony's was a heathy one.
A lot to think about.Tony went back to Atomkraft to talk only to be informed by Ian Swift(Vocalist at that time)that he was quitting the band to move with his girlfriend to Leicester.This made the decision for Tony.They had done the best gigs of their lives,finally seemed to be claiming a place with the British press,were looking forward to their finest album to date and video shoot and the fucking singer leaves.In order to continue Tony would have to take over vocals again as he had in the early days but he felt that this would be taking the band a few leaps backward instead of forward.They had worked so hard to get to this point and now they would have to reconfigure again.It was too much for Tony to deal with so he told them he was leaving too to join Venom and he did in 1988.

VENOM-'Prime Evil' 1990

At this point Mantas had not yet been convinced to return to the fold.Abaddon had scribbled some lyrics and Tony wrote the track 'Skeletal Dance' to fit them but wasn't happy with the result,although Abaddon was.Tony decided that in order to write songs for a new Venom album that would in some way reach the Venom style he would have to work harder and revisit the classic Venom albums,which he did.The results were, 'Parasite', 'Blackned are the Priests', 'Carniverous' and 'Insane'.Tony had a big task in front of him,even bigger if Mantas didn't return,as Abaddon had no real writing ability.
At this point Mantas did return after lot's of meetings and convincing promises of monies and touring not to mention Video's.One condition Mantas had was to bring in a second guitarist in the shape of Al Barnes who had worked with him on his Manats solo project.This was agreed and in he came.
So the game begins.Venom went into rehearsal and began to write.The track that was to become the albums title 'Prime Evil' coming out of these sessions.A combined effort from Tony and Mantas (Abaddon requesting the main riff to be slowed to what it became).Tony and Abaddon playing their version of 'Megalomania' a Black Sabbath track and convincing Mantas(who hadn't heard the original)that it was their own song.
'Into the Fire' and 'Harder than Ever' were Mantas songs and 'Skool Daze' became another Mantas ,'Teachers Pet' anthem.Mantas also adding an intro to 'Skeletal Dance',imroving it a little but not enough for Tony to like it wholly.
And so the album, 'Prime Evil', was born! Venom went into the studio they owned in Newcastle and with Nick Tauber producing laid down the tracks for the album.Then it was off to Jacobs studios in Farnham,Surrey to mix.When dinally the album was released it seemed as though Venom had returned in true style. A poster campaign country wide by MFN and the reviews hailed the return of the 'Black Metal Gods' with almost perfect marks across the board.All was great in the Venom camp. But not for long!
Under the name 'Sons of Satan',Tony's idea from a track off the 'Welcome to Hell' album.The band hit the road as away to break in the new act now featuring 'The Demolition man' and Al Barnes, with of course Mantas and Abaddon.The idea being that whilst the gigs would seem low key,the 'die hard'(to use a pun!) fans would realise who the 'Sons of Satan' really where.This was a mistake.Poor turn outs for the shows put a downer on the excitement 'Prime Evil' had created for the quartet. Poor reviews too.Most notably for their London Marquee debut where lack of audience did not
escape the notice of the Metal magazines!
The band toured again after a brief restbite and this time called themselves Venom.Unfortunately in the UK not much changed.Still luke warm audiences.In Europe they fared a little better.Filling some halls and getting some good reviews.They returned to London and back to the Marquee.With the place a little fuller and the band a little hotter they did OK and shot the 'Live '90' video at the gig.The UK press were a little kinder to Venom but not much.
So it was onto the next album but they decided in the intrim to release a mini LP 'Tear Your Soul Apart'.This would feature 2 tracks left over from the 'Prime Evil' album , 'Civilised' and 'The Ark' by Tony and Mantas ,'Skool Daze','Angel Dust' and 'Hell Bent for Metal' from the 'Live '90' video.
This release also recieved good reviews across the board and convinced the boys that they were on the right track and that they were indeed Venom proper.Comments even being made that Cronos was finally being put to bed as it were.It was all going to change though!
The band began working on 'Temples of Ice' and things were going to go wrong from the off.Abaddon was to do the sleeve artwork as he had drawn up the Prime cover and was convinced he could do a great job(he didn't!).Kevin Ridley(now of Skyclad) and Abaddon were convinced they could do as good a production job on the album as Nick Tauber had done on Prime(They couldn't and didn't!).The tracks Tony submitted were weak and Mantas too seemed to loose the Venom direction.Al Barnes comitting one track this time 'Tribes'.The stand out tracks being 'Temples of Ice', 'In Memory of (Paul Miller)' and 'Fairie Tale'.Poor production and the tracks lacking on the whole substance, the album failed.Bad reviews and loss of direction tripped the band up.Al now showing he lacked the ability and style to remain was let go.Now as a three piece again Venom would continue.

Now as a three piece(ala Classic Venom),the boys began work on their 3rd full studio album to be titled 'Wastelands'.Again the album would be recorded and mixed at Venom's Lynx studios in Newcastle and by Kevin Ridley and Abaddon with some input from eveyone.This didn't feel good after the failed 'Temples of Ice' album but things were going on behind closed doors financially and so this was how it was going to be!Tony,Mantas and Abaddon began writing for the album.Some of the material was written together at the studios but most of the writing was taken place seperately by the individuals and brought into the studio as almost complete tracks.

Tony had been working on material for a solo 'Atomkraft' project and was writing with former 'Atomkraft' guitarist Steve White.He suggested to Mantas and Abaddon that they let Steve commit to the album by way of guitar and some writing and they agreed.So the band became four on paper.Then Abaddon asked two old mates to play keyboard on some tracks which they did calling themselves 'VXS'.So now they were six on paper!

The boys began to record and the album,although not quite conclusively Venom, managed to produce some good tracks,namely,'Cursed' the opener,'Crucified' and 'Wolverine'.However the british press were not impressed and some european mags also became a little disillusioned with the platter.So things didn't look good for them.

After completion of the album Venom were invited to play a festival date in Russia,in St.Petersberg,outside the winter palace.The bill also featured,'UFO','Magnum','The Sweet','Girlschool' and 'Asia'.Venom filmed their trip for posterity and took to the stage after 'Magnum'.The gig went out live on Russian T.V. to around 4million(or so they were told)whilst 4,000 people filled the square.With pyros,smoke and the sound of lightening & screams,Venom opened with 'Witching Hour' and turned the place upside down.Tony smashing blood all over his head which had an inverted crucifix shaved into it.Venom were truly back!The bus used to carry the bands from the hotel to the gig site being rocked heavily as fans scrambled for autographs.Venom reduced to signing Russia ruples in the end to keep the crowed happy.Ah,great how happy they were.On returning the boys re-recorded some classic Venom songs for a Russian album release.Did the album ever make it to release in Russia?Who knows!However some time later the album did surface in the UK and Europe on the label 'Bleeding Hearts',owned by Abaddon and Eric Cook,as 'Kissing the Beast'.

Bleeding Hearts also released 'Old,New,Borrowed and Blue' a compilation of tracks from the Demolition man,Mantas and Abaddon ,Venom.'In Memorium' was released with classic demos before Cronos was singer and through to new tracks not released on album from the Tony Dolan era Venom.At this point Tony had been living in London and was with the Royal Shakespeare Company working.The british press seemed even less interested in all things Venom and mis management of funds pushed Tony even further away from the band.He decided that enough was enough when the final straw came and MFN decided not to take up another option on anymore Venom albums.

Tony quit around 1992/93.Albums kept coming as Abaddon and Eric Cook licensed Venom into the ground.Infact their are somewhere in the region of six or seven Tony era Venom compilations out at the moment with more on the way.Some feature Tony's photo and credits and some feature Cronos and miscredits,all very confusing to anyone attempting to follow the track! Now 'Demolition Records' seem to be releasing unreleased Venom demos and live material from the Dolan era.So the story as they say goes on!

Venom,featuring 'The Demolition Man'(aka Tony Dolan) played with all manner of bands,'Candlemass','Sacred Riech','Atrophy','Slammer','King Diamond','Savatage',the list goes on.Even 'Skyclad' performing 'Prime Evil' for the Venom tribute album.

To say that Tony Dolan was not part of the classic Venom line up is true but his contributions to Venom cannot be under estimated.He came with a hard task ahead,replace Cronos and by the time he left he had done just that and he had done it well.If you doubt it get a hold of 'Prime Evil' and take a listen,or try to grab a listen at some of my recomended tracks in this article,you won't be sorry but you will see what I mean,I promise!

Thank you for taking the time to read and maybe now some of the history of this period of the fated Venom will be clear. Cheers.777



Bri - Vox
Marsy - Guitar
Cherisse Osei - Drums
Jeff (Mantas) - Guitar
Tony D. - Bass


This band performed at The Underworld , London,UK - 2004
The Eartheshaker Festival,Geiselwind Germany - 2004
This band also shot a 30 second promo video for the title track
Zero Tolerance from the album 'Zero Tolerance'

Tony.D - Bass