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# So there I am watching Youtube.com and there is another ATOMKRAFT video/slideshow!
It seems that ex ATOMKRAFT guitarist Rob Mathew Redhead is taking Youtube.com and making it his home for all things ATOMKRAFT.Some poor slideshow material with his own personally selected tracks,the 3 he wrote for ATOMKRAFT releases and one he penned for the unreleased Atomized album all appear here!!Why not,get it out there I say.
However his latest exploit is a shame and disgraceful.It shows(like his official new bandsite),disrespect for all past and present members of ATOMKRAFT but unlike his official site which attacks both Ged Wolf and Tony,claiming they stole his money etc,his latest Youtube.com offering attacks only Tony!
He has mashed together something called the unofficial biography!No wonder it's unofficial,it is a complete fabrication of events.And like his statements on his home site is full of errors and contradictions.
He states that it was original drummer Paul Spillett who named the band and that Tony only suggested the name to Ged Wolf who was formng his own band in 1985 as Tony had had that band name before,apparently Ged agreed!
He goes on to state that,Tony Dolan was just one cog while he himself was the main talent in the band.How disrespectful to all past and current members!
He calims %50 of the writing credits,stating Wolf did not contribute,yet on his Youtube.com site,he displays the 3 songs he contributed to ATOMKRAFT and officially released by Neat records as proof of this?
I have the Neat ATOMKRAFT anthology,titled,TOTAL METAL(A Dolan/White song and Dolan title!)and there are some 22songs featured!I am not a mathmatician, however %50 of 22 is NOT 3!!
He counts the tracks used for Atomized but that was an unrealised album never, released!
He goes on(and on as usual these days!)whining that the ex-members were thinking of legal action against Tony for writing sleevenotes on the anthology CD?Were they going to take Malcolm Dome to court also who also wrote notes.
Tony would like me to say that,he was invited to contribute and if Mr.Redhead was not,then he has a problem with Sanctuary as they released the album and not Tony!He also said that if Sanctuary records did not see fit to ask Mr.redhead to contribute then they had their reasons and perhaps that's because they didn't think he was as integral to the release as his ego seems to think he was.However this isn't varified!
As far as legal action,the slanderous attack on Tony Dolan and Ged Wolf over them stealing monies from Redhead over his compositions could mean he'll be spending more money rather than ever getting any!Slander like that is a legal No,No!Especially as it is completely unfounded.
And as far as unfounded goes,Redhead's alternative ATOMKRAFT history leaves myself and many others puzzled and perplexed!Did this guy dream this  up?
Tony came running back to ATOMKRAFT after the "Success" of the Queen Of Death E.P.ousting DC.Rage,according to Redhead??Mmmm,OK!That is surely a joke?
Reading ATOMKRAFT's unofficial biography by Rob Redhead was just amazing and stupid.Ego has all to do with it.He repeatedly cites the other members anger at Tony Dolan ,yet all the time blowing HIS own horn out loud!
Is this an Attempt to drag Tony out to get himself more coverage or something deeper?
Tony works very hard , as did Ged Wolf ,for ATOMKRAFT.He wrote the majority of the material solely before Swift joined the band and wrote with him once there.
Future Warriors(1985),the album Redhead said was the true begining(not the history put forward!),featured 2 tracks written in 1982 and recorded in 1983,Total Metal and Death Valley!I cannot,try as I may,see how this then means there was no ATOMKRAFT prior to Redhead???
Well,I have donated enough space to this already but may I end with this statement of my own.
I was never in ATOMKRAFT but was at the Marquee as I was a friend of Tony's from around 1981/2,when at college together.
I myself saw ATOMKRAFT 10 times prior to 1985(let's not forget Tony spent 15months in Canada from 1983/84).I personally own,2 ATOMKRAFT demos(Neat studios),Live tapes and 3 (full band) home studio recordings prior to 1985 and Redhead!All are available and were available on tape trading lists.That's when there was no real metal independent labels and how many bands got music out,ask anyone from the day.I guess Mr.Redhead was only 9ys then so he wouldn't know that!
The band was alive before the glorious Redhead and Tony was the mainstay.The band is still active and as far as Redhead saying there are no releases post 1987?He is discounting,featured tracks previously unreleased on,Demolition Records,Taste The Hate CD comp.Oldschool Records NWOBHM compilation 'Total Metal Attack' (note the title)and the extra bonus tracks on The Sanctuary released anthology.All officially released since 1987!
The man is completely NUTS!!!
His story is a joke as he appears himself.What an embarassement to his former band mates.He once wrote to Blabbermouth.net something about Dolan's constant moaning getting embarassing.This was Tony saying about being ripped of by lables and management over money in an invited interview,and YET????Redhed won't shut up about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!Even now balming Tony as one of the crooks??Double standard or just an idiot?You decide,I already did......FOOL!
My apologies to anyone suffering this joke!
# It's been a while so what's been happening?Well as you can see from the poster below,Brit Metalheads ALLERJEN have been signed to Sonic Wave International distro by SONY and BMG,can't be bad,well done all involved!
Tony?A METALLICA documentary,SEX PISTOLS Doc out now(Pix soon!),SLADE ALIVE album review also out on DVD(PIX soon!).DEATHRASHER Magazine feature and more yet to be told but,hold on to the thought that Tony is in the process of recording Cold Gin for a KISS tribute,suitably thrashed I hope?Possibly collaboration from some old band mates?Tony won't say but I know there was some big KISS fans amongst former band members so???Who knows?
# It's always good to support something positive and inturn have them support back!!!!!!!!!!!! On Friday - January 6th from 11pm until 3am and Saturday - January 7th from 8pm until Midnight ATOMKRAFT will be featured on METALTRON on cyberstormradio.com.Click the live link below and go check out the show or shows you won't be disappointed!!!We'd like to thank AL @ Cyberstormradio for the inclusions!! 7777
# Well , welcome back and to 2006!!!Hope the festivities were good and so it's back to work!!
Already starting the year on full all out overdrive..is our man himself it seems?!
He's already been invited into a Bulgarian 'HALL OF FAME!
The WILLIAM GLADSTONE  school in SOFIA , Bulgaria ,is having the Hall of fame inaugaration in 2007 , the 100yr anniversary of the school and the Deputy Chief of the school wrote to TONY and asked on behalf of himself and the students of the school ,if  TONY would mind being  included  in the hall of fame , for his work with ATOMKRAFT/VENOM and his ACTING also. Of course ,TONY said yes and so in 2007 a piece of history will be dedicated to the man in SOFIA,Bulgaria!! That's gotta be kinda cool!!
# Latest in is HAPPY HOLIDAYS
to all,from this site and Tony Dolan.Have a great holiday season.Thanx for the endless support and much success to us all for 2006 and beyond!!!
OUT NOW...ahh but only in Australia I guess,unless you've been clever enough to subscribe from somewhere else, to the magazine.50th Issue Special of Australian Guitar,featuring ATOMKRAFT and in particular.........Tony and the recording of the latest ATOMKRAFT tracks.Written by the ever talented Mr.Joe Matera ,the piece is an interesting and compulsive read!Plus there is an ATOMKRAFT comp inside too!!None Aussie's can order from the following address
Australian Guitar Magazine.Next Edition Pty Ltd.78 Renwick St. Redfern.NSW 2016
# Well it's been a few weeks I am sure but here we are again and the newest thing is this.Click on the Link below , Amazon.com and it will take you to The Movie Gazzette , Mmmmmm,wonder what next?Take a look then!
More news coming very soon too but don't forget to checkout the Raised Horns festival next week. Scroll down for info and live link!!
Till then!
Almost Merry Xmas!
# Hey don't forget the ATOMKRAFT site is rocking over @myspace.com , thanx to CHAMBERED's mainman Stevil! Checkitout and CHAMBERED too!!If you haven't yet been the get yourself over there! ATOMKRAFT@MYSPACE.COM
# RAISED HORNS is a new frontier in the UK metal scene, promotion, label , management etc. and Tony wanted me to put up the banner and fly the flag for Britain, so to speak.Click on and check out the flourishing UK metal scene!!Good luck with the upcoming RH fest on SATURDAY 17TH DECEMBER at ' THE THATCHED HOUSE ' in STOCKPORT, and well done LUKE HAYHURST and all at RH.Friend to our man and to this site ,always our brotherhood of metal support!!Hey if you turn up at the show you may even see a special guest or two!!Who knows?
# OK,OK,some are older and some are new but don't forget your keywords,TONY D, ATOMKRAFT, MANTAS or VENOM. A world of words await you!!! And there's loads more on their way but I'm just catching up ,what are you gonna do, hang the guy?Click and enjoy my friends!
# Hey, this I have been meaning to do for sometime and never seem to get to it,so at last!!!Don't forget the OLDSCHOOL!!!Click the link and support the GRINDER @ NWOBHM.net.The radio show is the number 1 place for NWOBHM.Do they play ATOMKRAFT,well...........of course but also everyone from DIAMOND HEAD to CRUCIFIXION,SAXON to VARDIS!!! Get over there now and see what's spinning,the site's cool , the shows are all metal !!Well done MIKE GRINDSTAFF and all hail OLDSCHOOL RECORDS!Hey see anyone you know below????


# There is a new piece on ATOMKRAFT here:
@CAUSTIC TRUTHS! LOUDER! HARDER! HEAVIER! - KamerAtomkraft – Total metal ,now don't ask me what the 'Kamer' thing is,I don't know!!I asked the mainman himself and he doesn't know either???LOL!!
The latest edition of AUSTRALIAN GUITAR magazine has, as you can see, an ATOMKRAFT feature.Discussing the new tracks and recording process of COLD SWEAT featuring Auzzie guitar slinger and writer JOE MATERA.What? you can't actually read the article!Sorry,guess it's time to look for a way to get hold of the mag proper!!If anyone has any problems, perhaps later ,I will transcribe the piece for you right here but as for now, it's the mags 50th edition special so I can't!Just giving you the threads!

Thanx to our friend Steve(Stevil) Bates of the US ,electrifying, melodic, hardcore act ,CHAMBERED ,there is a new myspace site for ATOMKRAFT.Click the Link below and check it out!!! Thanx Stevil!
# One of the most talented bands to be coming through from the US.Chambered will be on tour in 2006 and as their mainman Steve Bates (Stevil to his friends!) and Tony are good friends,the band and management have asked Tony to go with them as tour manager.It will be a good year for the boys,click the banner and check them out!We here offer our full support and respect to all the band , may 2006 be your deserved year!!!
One of the most talented bands to be coming through from the US.Chambered will be on tour in 2006 and as their mainman Steve Bates (Stevil to his friends!) and Tony are good friends,the band and management have asked Tony to go with them as tour manager.It will be a good year for the boys,click the banner and check them out!We here offer our full support and respect to all the band , may 2006 be your deserved year!!! 777

# Allerjen are true Brit Metal. One of the 'New Kids on The Block' so to speak , they are rapidly becoming a force , in British Metal , to be reckoned with. Watch out for Allerjen in 2006.Click the link and go listen and view!!!Summer 2006 a full tour is being planned , so no doubt you'll be seeing them very soon too.Show your support for the UK Metal scene,it's alive and very well!!

# Castle Records has released this 25th Anniversary of the NWOBHM collection titled, Lightnin' To The Nations.Featuring  the ATOMKRAFT track -Future Warriors,the boys join the likes of, IRON MAIDEN, RAVEN, SAMSON,CRUCIFIX, GIRLSCHOOL,JAGUAR, to name but a small few. This is a complete record of the period and features all that was great with those early metal days of the 1980's and the new wave!

# Better late than never!This was OLD SCHOOL RECORDS release, TOTAL METAL ATTACK.It was released some time ago now and we did expose the original artwork here exclusivley way back,but I never got around to showing the actual finished product!This compilation of NWOBHM bands,comprises of previously unreleased tracks and featured here is the ATOMKRAFT track, NO ESCAPE,taken from the unreleased previously,ATOMIZED album demos!Also featuring, BRONZ,PAGAN ALTER and SOLDIER among others.

Tony appears here as part of a leading team of  critics,discussing GREEN DAY and in particular the incredible,AMERICAN IDIOT album. Seeing a band from the streets,where they brought themselves together as Punks,become not only MTV's darlings but move onto the Stadiums they fill endlessly today.This reviews and conveys the strength,power and superp writing that is GREEN DAY's finest album to date!

# Finally I got my copy!Tony appears on this T-Rex documentary  release as part of the critical analysis team.This is an indepth look at the  man Marc Bolan and his days before T-Rex ,up to his demise.Showing his amazing talent and also his frustration at never really cracking the US like he did in Britain and Europe in .An incredible first time ever ,in depth look at the phenomenon and instigator of 1970's Glam Rock!  

# Eammon Holmes,oops,sorry!!Tony presents yet another DVD feature,this time the album that broke America for the BEATLES.Meet The Beatles is in depth and featuring live footage from the famous Ed Sullivan TV concert appearence,as well as interivew footage with John  Lennon and Paul Mcartney.This documentary exposes yet more of the brilliance that was the BEATLES and their superb songmanship!  

# Well Classic Rock magazine's reviewer of that latest Venom box set,while calling Tony'Demolition'Dolan ludicrous,seems to also suggest in the review that Cronos guzzled spunk to get his vocal sound!!Really?That Venom should have given up after Welcome To hell and that this Eammon Holmes(morning TV presenter in the UK) was  great enough to dethrone Satan himself!A breakfast TV presenter able to destroy the Devil?He musta been one helluva guy?Mind you he is Irish!!I think Geoff Barton(reviewer)seems to be the only thing ludicrous in the actual review!Isn't this guy supposed to know what he's talking about?Mmmm? 777


#Tony'Demolition'Dolan has been called Ludicrous and like some UK morning TV presenter by some fucking idiot,apparently a writer for Classic Rock in the new issue,as part of the new Venom box set review!I haven't seen the article but heard,from someone at Metal Hammer Europe!I will be commenting when I have read more!This sort of stuff shouldn't get page space but Tony isn't even connected with this rip set of same old re-run material!And the price is so much,how many times do they want Venom  fans to pay good money for the same material? 777


This review below is hysterical!This guy get's his information from someones' mother I think?A link to Mp3.com was sent to me,where I followed and ended up viewing the credentials for,DARKEST HOUR the 2 CDset by VENOM featuring Tony,Mantas and Abaddon(exclusivley!).They also had credited as another VENOM lineup,COURT OF DEATH,BURIED ALIVE and KISSING THE BEAST!!Great review and funny as hell ,seeing as no other VENOM lineup appears on ANY of these album's.They are ALL compilations from the 'Tony' era VENOM lineup!! You can click this link to go straight to the album reviews Venom MP3 Downloads - Venom Music Downloads - Venom Music Videos

Or Click here  to see where this corrupt info was sourced,just write VENOM in their search box and..........voila!,allmusic ((( Venom > Discography > Main Albums )))
Then check out all the reviews and mistakes under the wrong VENOM flag!!
Someone do your homework please?Or is it supposed to look like DARKEST HOUR etc is the older lineups? MMMmmm! 777


# Review - by James Christopher Monger
Eagle Records' 29-track Venom retrospective, Darkest Hour, may be the fairest of the ten-plus collections in circulation. 2000's Greatest Hits and More is too long, 1995's In Memorium: The Best of Venom is too incomplete, and 1999's
Buried Alive
was made redundant by the new records released through 2004. Darkest Hour seamlessly mixes tracks from the original lineup of singer/bassist Conrad "Cronos" Lant, guitarist Jeff "Mantas" Dunn, and drummer Tony "Abaddon" Bray with the Mantas-less quartet of the late '80s/early '90s that included guitarists Jimmy Clare and Mike Hickey. Also included are tracks from the underrated reunion albums Cast in Stone and Resurrection, which reunited Cronos with his bandmates, this time without Abaddon. The Newcastle trio's early recordings still sound fresh, especially "Angel Dust" and 1982's genre-inspiring "Black Metal," but it's the often overlooked later material that shows the band's chops. "Cursed" and "Blackened Are the Priests" — despite the latter being one of too many live versions on the compilation — display a group that grew as musicians and never abandoned its apocalyptic vision. The "essential" track missing from the set would never have fit anyway; the 20-minute title track from 1983's At War With Satan, which remains Venom's crowning achievement.


Sorry they all came in at once but here you go...the latest DVD releases,there are more but as yet I have not got them here.This should be enough for now I think!
Scroll down to view a DVD extravaganza,featuring Tony,either presenting or joining some distinguished panels of interviewees! 777


# In the ARTHOUSE Classic series of World's Greatest album's,Tony joins Krusher,John McCoy,Nick Tauber and Glenn Hughes in this look at the album that relaunched DEEP PURPLE with a new lineup,fronted by David Coverdale.This DVD is the 30th Anniversary special edition of DEEP PURPLE 's album BURN!


Tony said he didn't need to be asked twice about Presenting this Rock Milestones presentation DVD of The RAMONES, 'Pleasent Dreams',in the essential albums of all time collection.Glorious and utterly The RAMONES.Featuring rare footage and everything from,Beat On The Brat ,to, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker,this is a celebration of the Punk band that gave the scene it's name!Hey,Ho,Let's GO!!!

# One of his all time fav bassists and he's here talking about the band! RUSH. Featuring Paul Garvey,Corey Price,Tank Montana and of course Tony Dolan, along with a host of others.This  set comes with 2 DVD's and a book.48 pages of tracks by track analysis of every RUSH album,from RUSH to Exit Stage Left.
Image Galleries and rare footage.Untimate RUSH.

Along with, among others,Classic Rock's,Geoff Barton and Malcom Dome and Jerry Ewing,Tony is part of the team in this critical analysis of the phenominal band,LED ZEPPELIN.This 2disc DVD book set,covers the ZEPPELIN's from 1968 until 1980 and the death of John Bonham.Featuring everything from Stairway to Heaven to Communication Breakdown this DVD set also includes a book,which has a track by track critical analysis of every ZEPPELIN album from 68-80!

Ginger Baker,Jack Bruce and of course Eric Clapton.Inside CREAM is a look at this incredible band from 1966-1969.Tony sits alongside other distinguished producers , jurnolists as well as lyricist Pete Brown , to talk about these amazing musicians and their band.Packed with archive footage,this independant critical review is the ultimate CREAM collectors addition.

This is part of the essential album series of DVD's from EDGEHILL Publishing.The Rolling Stones in concert.Tony Presents this exclusive look at that most dynamic of  live Stones albums!

# Tony appears in this Critical review DVD of THE CURE.One of the first Goth bands,from 1979.Covering their formation and following their illustrious career and ever reclusive Robert Smith,this is a collectors must!

Corrections and Apologies all around!
Because I cannot always confirm with the man himself as his schedule doesn't always allow,I attempt to report up to date info but I have again made a slight error in some of the latest bulletins and have been asked to amend some news reports accordingly!
There is no track called KRISTALLNACHT on the new ATOMKRAFT E.P.!The track I have mistakenly called such is actually called,THE DARKENING and there was also a consistant error in the spelling,KRISTALLNACHT has two LL's and not one,as I had previously mispelled the word!My apologies,seems a studio engineer had made an error in titling some mp3 files I was sent and I didn't check!
KRISTALLNACHT (or The Night Of Broken Glass) took place on November 9th 1938,when terror attacks were made on Jewish Synagogues and stores in retalliation,after Ernst Vom Rath (3rd Secretary of the German embassy)had been assassinated in Paris by Polish Jew Herschel Grynszpan.
Hence the significance!
Also I reported about the Live ATOMKRAFT album and the delay as the licences were being sorted out!This was not the case,there is indeed a intention to have a live album released however,I have been told that it needs the attention of the whole band past and present ,as was the original intention ,as a complete DVD/Live CD package is what was intended.
However there are live tracks being compiled now for a bonus special CD so?When,where,and what?Stay tuned I guess!! 777


# Just out in the' Rock Review' series,Tony Presents BLACK SABBATH , A critical retrospective.Part of the series the late Tommy Vance presented,this is an exceptional series and this is an exceptional SABBATH Collectors must!Rare stuff , live from 1970 through to 1992!Plus interviews with Tony Iommi,Ozzy Osbourne,Glenn Huges,Bobby Rondinelli and more....  

# Another DVD in the Classic Rock Direct,'Independant Review' series has just been released and once again Tony joins a team of experienced,musician's producers,DJ's etc, to give their thoughts on U2 their impact and their staying power!Lots of Rare footage as wwell as Live Aid and The Tube, plus interviews with Bono and the rest of U2.Well worth a watch!

# Tony Appears here in the new DVD release from the Classic Rock Direct series 'Independant Review'on GREEN DAY.Joining many other respected musician's & producers with their thoughts and theories  on the GREEN DAY Phenomenon!

# Here at last! The new ATOMKRAFT E.P. 'Are You Looking At Me?',will be available through this site in November.The E.P. features 4 tracks.
The E.P. is a special edition limited run as a pre cursor to the (now delayed release) new album for 2006 'I Couldn't Give A Fuck!'.The E.P. will also be available as a Vinyl release and through,itunes as well as Amazon on the web.Also through CD Baby.Of course I will endeavour to keep you updated with anything and everything as soon as I know myslelf!Tony has promised I can post some Mp3 clips from the tracks very soon but I can say that I think the E.P. sounds great but don't take my word of it,judge for yourself!

# The first review of anythng from the new ATOMKRAFT E.P. has been released.It is a review of the THIN LIZZY cover,'COLD SWEAT', from the THUNDER & LIGHTENING album,written by Phil Lynott and John Sykes.I have placed the whole review below for your enjoyment!777
"You know, there are some things in this world best left alone. Tamper with them and you'll end up embarassed, embittered, and ennervated. Some pieces of the puzzle will never fit any better than they originally did. ThinLizzy was a perfect puzzle, a pointed coming together of blues and bombast,of Phil Lynott as angry preacher dispensing the words of a junkyard messiah in a voice somewhere between broken angel and simply that of a mortal man.And the Lizzy guitars were fluid and fierce and Brother John Sykesscampered around the neck like a mouse on meth. And his solo on "Cold Sweat" was a fevered and frantic moment that would leave would-be pickers drenched in the perspiration of imitation.
But Atomkraft's modern take on this classic beauty doesn't try and re-assemble the jigsaw as much as it allows us to simply hear the pieces configured in different ways. Vocalist/bassist Tony Dolan must munch on granite-like chewable vitamins, his vocal here tempered by the nasty energyof a runaway avalanche, trampling everything in its path and clearing the way for guitarist Payre Hulkoff and Joe Matera's muscled and mad-swaggering solo.
The all-too-brief 16-bar outburst is bookended on both ends by some ensemble lick playing amongst guitars and Dolan and drummer Cherisse Osei (who's now vacated seat has been handed over to incoming sticksman Buffalo) and stuffed in the middle is a sort of calculated cacophony that borrows from Sykes without stealing from him. Matera tests the waters with a sweating double-bend before kicking us into the deep end of his aural ocean with hammers, slammers, pulloffs, cooloffs, bopkicks and dropdead licks. Pickups sing, harmonics pinged, and at one point it sounds as if a swarm of electric bees are ready to sting numb already shattered eardrums. Finally, Matera makes us shiver with a final ascending assault of machine gun-precise picking, lethal licking, and sticking together melodically sweating bulletsdripping with rage and sick passion..."
-- Steven Rosen - Guitar World, Guitar Player, Player (Japan), Classic Rock.
The online radio show went very well this weekend gone.The show started at 12:00midnight Sunday and concluded around 4am monday morning!The show played all tracks from the new ATOMKRAFT E.P. as well as tracks from Tony's VENOM album's too.
Tony wanted me to thank everyone who listened and the vast amount of people who joined the show on MSN live to ask him questions!!It was "I was very surprised how many people were on there waiting for me and how many were there when I left!Wow!Great fun and a good laugh", he told me.So a Huge Thanx to all at Heavy Metal radio ,DeathThrasher and South America!!
This Sunday Tony will be live via MSN on Heavy Metal Radio.The station will also be playing tracks from the new ATOMKRAFT E.P.'Are You Lookin' At Me?' .So tune in and enjoy!!Sunday 12 midnight/Monday morning in the UK!


# Classic news again!Tony has just completed his recorded interviews for inclusion on the upcoming releases ,by Classic Rock Direct ,of the SEX PISTOLS Retrospective DVD and the indepth look at, 1970's UK icons, SLADE and their classic SLADE ALIVE album.Both will be due for release sometime in the autumn,I will endeavour,as always, to post the release dates when I know myself.777
The following E-mail was forwarded to me by Tony from Roxana DeathThrasher magazine.Thankyou for the kind words and great support,Roxana and all the staff and fans! 777

Classic news again!Tony has just completed his recorded interviews for inclusion on the upcoming releases ,by Classic Rock Direct ,of the SEX PISTOLS Retrospective DVD and the indepth look at, 1970's UK icons, SLADE and their classic SLADE ALIVE album.Both will be due for release sometime in the autumn,I will endeavour,as always, to post the release dates when I know myself.777
The following E-mail was forwarded to me by Tony from Roxana DeathThrasher magazine.Thankyou for the kind words and great support,Roxana and all the staff and fans! 777

# Hail again!
Here Roxana from DEATHTHRASHER. We wanted to communicate you that, due to the last interview, our website was visited for many fuckin' people, but yesterday that number was even duplicated because in the Roadrunner website, they promoted our interview! So.. we can say that in a day people visited our website more than in all febrerary =)
Are you convinced that you are already an hyperlegend? ;) Many thanks for all. Cheers!

  # I shouldn't really be using this news page for this stuff but there you go.Recently(today)someone has sent me and e-mail via the forum it seems!It simply says,"You're hard!",it actually was written,"Your hard!" but seeing as I don't actually own a "Hard" (what ever that would be?)I don't quite understand?Could the person address this in the guestbook?You can even leave you real contact if you feel,well I suppose,"Hard!" enough?Thankyou. 777

# Also,we'd like you to check out the new Joe Matera site here at this live link.Joe is a jurno for almost every rock mag you can think of and has interviewed everyone form Satriani to Lemmy,he's also a musician in his own right and is appearing on the ew ATOMKRAFT product as a soloist!Enjoy!Joe Matera Official Website
There's a new interview up with the man himself about his music and the rest ,click on the live link here (and look under interviews of course!)here @DEATHTHRASHER MAGAZINE2
Tony is to feature in 2 more books to be released this year.The first is by legendary NWOBHM jurno,John Tucker.The book called,'Suzie Smiled'is scheduled for and end of summer release and is a ,from their own mouths, history of the NWOBHM in the 1980's.
The second is a look into SLAYER from the people who they met along the way to being 'THE' extreme band of their generation.More details to follow when I have them but the book will be out 2005.
Tony has been interviewed and will feature on 2 more DVD's of music retrospectives,namely, Green Day and U2.They will be out in the autumn and I will endeavour to do as usual and post the covers and all release info I get,should you be interested in these?! 777
Tony has just completed presenting more series for Classic Rock Direct.'The Rolling Stones','The Beatles' and 'The Ramones' will be released after the summer.We will keep you imformed and I will publish covers so you know what you're looking for should you be interested.These are added to the,'Deep Purple' release currently being edited.
Additions; more old shots in the live section,more added to the ATOMKRAFT page,and check out the additions to the Scrapbook and there's more coming,so keep checking in! 777
Some of our guests in our guestbook seem to have very misguided knowledge.Tony and ATOMKRAFT have been planning the USA and South American trip/tour for 7months now,the new studios in Sweden are completed and the band will finish up new recordings before embarking on the US jaunt.This site does not say Tony &, or ATOMKRAFT have cancelled the US trip.They delayed but never cancelled!Tony seems to think these guestbook fakers are people he knows ,but whoever,they have been given very wrong information!Where does this site mention the musical,'Chitty,Bang,Bang'?Where does this site say Tony was there pulling ropes or doing automation on that show????LOL!!!Sad individules, with the wrong information,'AGAIN', guys really! 777


# Here's one of the next available music retrospectives to come out from Classic Rock.Tony features alongside other prominent musicians/producers and members of Bad Company for this in depth view of this massive Rock act.
# Click on the live link below and under creative team,you'll find what Tony gets up to when he's not acting or being musically active!Tony is one of only three(3) specialist  operaters on a new Dutch ,highly advanced computerised automative system ,here in the UK at the present time and as such is highly in demand!!
DEATH OF A SALESMAN theLyric theatre London


# I have been asked to state the following by the man himself as regards MANTAS and the Zero Tolerance Video!
The 30second promo clip featuring himself and Cherisse Osei was shown on the official MANTAS site way back when they were still in the band and he feels there is no need to see it again,especially now with the band having shot their new version.That I am affraid is my mistake,I misunderstood and as such apologise to Tony and to MANTAS,the band.
However Tony has said that the point to be made was about the record company and how they threatened the none release of the initial album if Tony did not leave and refused to release the original full length video if he was not(along with Cherisse)fully edited out,it was NOT initially anyone's ,except the label managers and owners decisions to threaten both releases.Their mugs were more than happy to have remained in place!
May I also say, that after reading a comment on Blabbermouth.net ,in regard to the previous statement I made,the individule who seems to have commented about this being old news as he has seen the new video for the track and also the full Earthshaker video is telling somewhat ,tall stories ,as the Earthshaker festival footage of MANTAS 2004,featuring Tony and Cherisse has not been made available to the band or label so it is impossible!
OK apology and corrections amended!777

# DVD footage featuring ATOMKRAFT live from,The Raise Your Fist Festival at the Podium Hardenberg 2005,should be available very soon through this, the Official ATOMKRAFT site and word is that we may also be viewing,very soon,the original Zero Tolerance,MANTAS,30 second clip ,promo video,featuring Tony and Cherisse Osei(now with chart band-The FADERS).
MANTAS has claimed on their official site that the hold up in the release of the video was because Tony and Cherisse didn't want their faces on there,however as I am sure all of you are aware,it was the record company and their worrying label manager and owner that decided not to allow the release of the whole video unless Tony and Cherisse were edited out(of course and impossible task)so now they have re-shot and are ready to release with the new members but  to prove Tony and Cherisse weren't the problem ,we will be seeing the promo in it's full 30 second entirety very soon,Stay glued!!777

# At last HBO/BBC Films has released onto DVD 'DIRTY WAR',which features Tony.The movie can be ordered through Amazon.com,enjoy!777  
# ATOMKRAFT news,Italian dates being lined up and the new album label deal will be finished in  a matter of months now!The intention Tony says is still to hit the US by years end but with filming and the play in LONDON he is trying to fit a tight schedule.
It seems also that Blabbermouth.net reigns supreme as even more ex - Atomers come out from the woodwork to look for glory off the back of the Sanctuary released ATOMKRAFT anthology.
It seems that Ian Swift is now back in action with Avenger,Rob Redhead is complaining he has been overlooked and has a new band too and Ged(Wolf)Cook is still attempting to look for a way to re-record ATOMIZED or release unreleased ATOMKRAFT materials to damage the ATOMKRAFT(or Tony' to be more precise)image!!
I know myself how hard Tony has worked to claim some new space for ATOMKRAFT  and it has been for quite a few years now and not a word from any other associated member and there have been a few!
The anthology is released and all of a sudden they're all back claiming it to be their own!
I have no real opinion,well not one I care to share and it's not my place to but it just seems funny,dosen't it??? 777

# From the frontline just in.It's been quiet as Tony has been and still is working at the theatre in London on the NY Tony award winning Arthur Miller Play,'Death Of A Sales Man'.The past month has also seen Tony do his first presenting job for Classic Rock direct for the forthcoming Deep Purple DVD,still to come so far are Black Sabbath and Genesis,we look forward to seeing these released sometime later this year.
OK so this news is a bit behind but here it is anyways!!The JOEL McIVER "Magnum Opus"Justice For All : The Truth About METALLICA is out and has been for a while and features many comments from respected Jurno's,band members and people who knew and were around METALLICA during their rise to world domination.Expertly written and insightful as nothing on MEATLLICA before,this book is a must for any and all fans of the old school or since the Black album until now!Tony is featured in this book several times and wished to thank JOEL fo his inclusion in such a monumental and honest book and wants to raise his hat to METALLICA for helping to complete the platform that had begun with LED ZEPPELIN and the like to launch the metal community, thrashing in many different guises and kicking, with everyband of every metal strand into the 21st century!!
Well news from the front line and the Horses mouth as it where tell me things didn't go as planned in Hardenberg!Technical problems persued ATOMKRAFT on to stage and the band fought to keep the show flowing!2 reviews in listed below are not glowing but the band have been promised a 'Revenge' showing in October 2005 so look for them there.Tony's comment to me were as follows...................................
"This is nothing new,ha!ha!We never had it fucking easy the first time around why should we now?Everything was perfect except the actual technics of the show,mikes,monitors a right handed kit for our left handed drummer,ha!ha!Just switch it right?Oh yeah unless you are told absolutely it cannot be altered.My drummer is like 6 foot tall and well let's just say it was fucked up!Still we have that age old ATOMKRAFT moral of fuck it,nothing's gonna stop this from hitting you so to all that were there,I apologise we were not at our best but we were not in control of that and when you see us again we will kick a new fucking hole in where ever we may be,trust me!!"
So there it is from the man himself!!OK read on and more coming soon!777


# ATOMKRAFT news ,the boys are just back from the Easter Raise Your Fist Festival in Hardenberg Holland.Full report coming soon but for now why not check out the boys  pix onstage on the new LIVE page on it's way in this week!Keep checking!
As the sad news of the death of Rock Dj and journalist TOMMY VANCE hits the pages of every Rock paper and website in the UK.
Tony will be recording ,along with others, a special commemorative message to be broadcast on Total Rock Radio's dedicated special in TOMMY's memory on Friday  11th March 2005.
The show is to be hosetd by Total Rock/Classic Rock's Malcolm Dome  TOMMY VANCE    R.I.P

# The second DVD in the Classic Rock Direct Ltd series of Critical Retrospectives, THIN LIZZY, featuring Tony is out now.

# Tony is featured along with other Rock musician's and top jurno's in this series for Classic Rock Direct Ltd.
The first being NIRVANA,'A Critical Retrospective' is out now!
Tony has 2 sisters only!His father is PETER,who has a brother Mick but he had one son that passed away and one daughter!He passes on his apologies and wishes you well in your search!

# ATOMKRAFT will appear at this years 'RAISE YOUR FIST' festival at the Podium, in Hardenberg, Holland ,on March 25th 2005!
The show sponsored by METAL HEADACHE looks set to burst with METAL CHURCH also now confirmed as headliners!!

# BLINDED BY FEAR's,STEVE MASON,joins the boys as the new ATOMKRAFT powerhouse behind the kit!!

# PAYRE, 'The HULK' new ATOMKRAFT guitarist!PAYRE's  ex,VIPERINE & from his own HUNTER/KILLER outfit!

Tony' new album is coming along nicely the man says!
Gary Holt has confirmed his appearence as the soloist for the album's title track.Gary is joining a growing list of great players from,Destruction to Malevolent Creation,Sodom.Also the album will feature a cover of a Thin Lizzy Classic suitably thrashed!Don't worry folks I've been assured it's not SARAH!!
I have been asked not to give too much away so I can't say more right now and believe me I would like to but I am assured that album is on target for it's completion and then the release date will be set!Looking at the moment like just before summer 2005 too co-incide with US and South American dates followed by Spain,Italy,Greece,Portugal,Poland,Chez and possible dates further in Europe.
Tony has been featured in a series of DVD documentaries for Classic Rock.Titled behind tthe music,Tony has been interviewd and will appear in DVD's on ,NIRVANA,THIN LIZZY,LED ZEPPELIN,GENESIS & T'REX.The first of these on NIRVANA will be available next month I am told.There's apparently more to come also.The Documentaries have been made for Classic Rock Productions and were directed by Gary Moore.
By now you will be aware no doubt that Tony is no longer with the MANTAS band.He has issued a press statement to that fact and has requested that I not use up any more space or time repeating it here.It can be read on BLABBERMOUTH and also BWBK!
Cherrise has also left the project signing a mutli album and sigle deal as part of a 3 piece all girl rock outfit,with POLYDOR.
This is a great shame for Tony and Jeff(Mantas) but nothing is more important than moving forward as Tony says and anything that prevents that movement has to be left where it is!
He wishes the rest of the band the greatest of luck and hopes the album gets the recognition it truly deserves!Tony still appears on the album by the way. 777

# TOTAL ROCK radio next Thursday,26th August 2004 @ 11:00am Live,Tony will be interviewed and be promoting the ATOMKRAFT,TOTAL METAL,Neat Anthology 2Disc CD set,released the same day!
He will also be presenting his Top 10 Thrash from the ATOMKRAFT times list!
Also in the news is,TOM ANGELRIPPER(SODOM) will be added to the list of performers on Tony's solo project!HEADSMASHED IN.Tom will sit alongside,PHIL FACIANA(MALEVOLENT CREATION),MIKE (DESTRUCTION),MARSY(MANTAS),PAYRE(HUNTER/KILLER & VIPERINE),TUCKER(MORBID ANGEL) and other guests to be confirmed soon!
MANTAS will also appear in October's TERRORIZER magazine and METAL HAMMERS, Subterranean section also.Keep your eyes peeled!!!


# HUNTER KILLER' album 'NORDIC AGRESSION' is on it's way soon.This band features the amazing 7string guitarist PAYRE.
PAYRE is one of Tony's main guest players on his solo work due out in November/December 2004.This is a great album!When you find it buy it,you won't regret it!!

# This NWOBHM compilation album will be out in the next few months.I will update soon.It will feature one previously unreleased ATOMKRAFT track,that also does not featuure on the upcoming anthology release!

#From AUGUST 9th on Friday's at 9:00pm on BBC2 England,the series BATTLEFIELD BRITAIN begins.
On SEPTEMBER 3rd at 9:00pm on BBC2 is the episode,'THE BATTLE OF NASEBY'starring TONY DOLAN among others!Watch and enjoy!

# 26th AUGUST the waiting is  over.SANCTUARY release the 2CD set ATOMKRAFT anthology!Featuring all the back catalouge plus,hand picked bonus material.Sleeve notes by Tony and Malcom Dome of TOTAL ROCK RADIO and METAL HAMMER. Enjoy!
# Here comes MANTAS the band about to shake some Earth free on the 24th JULY 2004 in Geiselwind,Germany. MANTAS have been announced to appear at the upcoming EARTHSHAKER FESTIVAL in Germany, where they'll appear alongside FEAR FACTORY,ROSE TATTOO and a whole host of cool Metal acts.The show date is July 23rd 2004. The video for 'ZERO TOLERANCE',title track from the upcoming album by MANTAS, which features Tony on bass, is about to go into edit,release date to be confirmed by DEMOLITION RECORDS!There will be a 30second promo of the vid doing the rounds in the next few weeks I'm told to advertise for the EARTHSHAKER FESTIVAL. Still no news on appearing at the MILWAUKEE FEST!.The promoter seems to have stopped calling the band say! The new MANTAS album,'ZERO TOLERANCE' has now been delayed until September says the record company.This may alter touring plans for the band as they don't want to tour with no product released. MANTAS were also taken off the bills at both New Jersey and Minnesota Metalfest's as the main promoter for the NJ show failed to pay for flights for the band to appear so they couldn't get to the US. They will be attempting to rectify this in the summer stay tuned! Tony is about to start shooting a film 'DIRTY WAR' for the BBC and HBO.He will play the leading TSG Officer.The movie is about a smart bomb that goes off in London central. Tony is still hard at work on his solo material with players returning tracks by the week. Tony commented to me,"It'll take longer than I initially thought to finish but man does it sound crazy,there are some great fucking players on this thing now!!!" Stay tuned!
Oh and lest we forget,MASTER & COMMANDER;Far Side of the World, both the single disc and the special double DVD edition will be available next month here in the UK and and everywhere by the end of summer.
I have had a sneak preview and the double DVD is well worth it!Released around April 12th to 16th we are told!


# Tony(Mr.Lamb)Robert Pugh (Mr.Allen) Jack Randell (Boyle) Jim Geanopolis (20th Century Fox) At the San Diego Premier of Master and Commander

In MANTAS dress code
Tony has been enjoying some time in L.A. at the Premier of M&C.He also visited the opening in San Diego(see pic above!)he attended the Royal Gala Premier here in London on November 17th,pictures coming on that one!Check out Maximum Crowe for early snaps!While the movie enjoys it's proud opening,Tony has been working on an episode for the BBC of the series Bloody Britain which will be aired next year(late)on T.V. here in the UK!
He has also been hard at work rehearsing the upcomming Mantas album,Zero Tolerance,due out early next year following a new video single by Mantas(the band).Mantas will tour next year too as mentioned before on this site.I will endeavour to update with dates as I get them!
Anyone who has gone to the Official Master and Commander site will not have failed to notice that Tony is not on the cast list! This is an error by the site designers.Tony along with seven(7) other cast members are not listed.
20th Century Fox has assured us that Tony is featured in the book on the making of the film and is present in all press packages released to do with the movie.The simple truth is that the site promoters were only sent certain pictures of cast and as they haven't seen the movie did not realise that there were other cast not yet given to them.Hence the reason that cast are missing from the official site!
The site organizers have apologised and will be rectifying this ASAP(we hope!).Tony will now be attending the premiers for the movie in L.A. and London but not New York as originally stated.Commitments to the new Mantas album and video shoot have prevented this.Stay tuned for more updates!!
The New Mantas album featuring Tony on Bass guitar and Jeff Dunn on Guitar will now be delayed.The album was set to be released in Jan 2004 and now looks like February or march!The bands New York pre-Xmas show also looks doubtful! The album is currently being produced and sounds great! The band will be on the road next year and look set to play Dynamo and Milwakee and tour dates in March.The video single will be out in feb 2004 also!

So what's going on now?
Well Tony's roll in the new Russell Crowe movie,'Master and Commander', as ships carpenter Mr.Lamb, Directed by 'the Truman Show's' Peter Weir and made by 20th Century Fox, will be released on November 14th.The date has already been changed from the first reported June 6th release and may again be changed but we will keep you up to date so keep checking in!
The movie is based on the series of sea faring novels by the now passed Patrick O'Brien.Set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic wars,the story takes place at sea on the Royal Navy friggate,HMS Suprise.A sort of David and Goliath story and Tony has been dubbing on the movie and said it looks great.The anticipation builds!

The Newcastle based newspaper 'the Evening Chronicle' has on it's web site an interview (no images) with Tony about his latest Hollywood film role.

Tony is mentioned as part of the cast list on the Official Patrick O'Brien Gunroom site for Master & Commander.

An interview with Tony is on the Maximum Crowe web site.
The interview concerns the upcomming movie.

2004 will see the release of the ATOMKRAFT anthology by the Sanctuary group.The 2CD set will feature a mix of the three Neat released products.This will be the first time these products will have been released on CD.It will be the 19year anniversary of the 'Future Warriors' release and will be repackaged with sleeve notes by Tony and rare photo's and also some rare and unreleased material as bonus tracks.It should be good so look out here for news on the release date in '04.

Also 2004 will see the release of 2DVD's featuring ATOMKRAFT.1st the Famous Longest day video,'Conductors of Noise' Live at the then Hammersmith Odeon.The release will feature some extras by the way of interview footage with the band members.
The 2nd DVD will be the Spodek Staduim show in Poland 1988,featuring DC.Rage on bass and Tony on rythm guitar.A rare treat and also featuring some new material from the unreleased 'ATOMIZED' album.Also there will be interview footage with passed band members.

The infamous unreleased 'ATOMIZED' album will make it's way into shops also in 2004 along with a previously unreleased ATOMKRAFT live album from Gdansk in Poland.These 2 albums may appear as a set but this has not been decided as yet.We will keep you up to date on the final decision of the release.Interesting footnote here.The Live Polish album from Gdansk feature's ATOMKRAFT's version of 'Children of the Grave' by Black Sabbath and 'Four Horsemen' by Metallica.A wicked bonus never heard before outside the actual show!

In the April and May issues of Terrorizer magazine ATOMKRAFT feature in the 2 part Thrash special.Classic thrash gigs of all time features the ATOMKRAFT,Nuclear Assault gig at London's Dingwalls '87.

DOGMATIX will release product in 2004 and will feature the vocal talents of Lou Delamere.

Sherlock Holmes will be released as a CD box set and will feature 'The Mexican' and 'Brighton Cock' and will possibly be released through FOX.

ATOMKRAFT and Tony's time with VENOM are catalouged in three newly released books in bookstores now. 'The New Wave of British Heavy Metal Encyclopedia'. Rockdetektor's 'A II Z of Thrash Metal' and 'The Great Metal discography',2nd edition(as in the 2nd edition ,Tony features twice in the 1st edition also with both bands repectfully). Details to be found on the Atomkraft page at the bottom.

Finally,Tony will be making his way towards a new ATOMKRAFT album in 2004.Possibly a summer release date.The album will feature new material and some suprise performances too!Tony will begin recording in July 2003.

A new book charting the career of Venom will be compiled and released probably in 2004.It will cover Tony's time with the band.

A Venom anthology will be released sometime in 2003 by the Sanctuary group.It will feature trcks from Tony's time with the band as it will cover their whole career.

Mantas debut album Zero Tolerance will be released Feb/March 2004 following the video single Rage.

Updates and news will be added as they come in so please stay tuned to find out what's happening next!