Here is Tony Dolan now as a cartoon made by the hands of young Jasmine Humphryis. Many thanks to you Jasmine!
This is the cartoon that young Jasmine Humphryis made for Joe Matera, an Australian journalist, musician and friend. She said that soon we'll have one for Tony! Click here for Joe's banner!
Peru has some great thing to offer, a vibrant Metal scene, beautiful scenery and food and alchohol to be merry by.
Let's not forget ROXANA,fromDEATHTHRASHER Magazine,reasons to be cheerful!
Fearless JEFF,Ex-VITAL REMAINS vocalist , now frontman with GODLESS RISING,we are glad to be his friend.Chekout the band and link on this sites Welcomepage , you will not be dissapointed!!All RISE!!! 777

Well finally,here the famous GRINDER of OSMS and OLDSCHOOL RECORDS with his beautiful missus,JONI. NWOBHM.NET.
For everything Metal and the constant support plus amazing and best radio show,plus the 'TOTAL METAL ATTACK',well done and may you have more for 2006 and eternally thereafter!On behalf of TONY DOLAN & myself. 777


STORM,yeah she's our friend here! Go check out this babe. Costumer and artist! She rocks and we're proud to know her! Click here ! Then enjoy

Here is CHAMBERED, 2006 will be the year for these guys. The US and beyond!! This site supports you !Check out links at friends page and homepage!


SOTHIS , number one Demo/Indie band as voted by Brave Words magazine!! So true, Some of the best Black Metal to emerge onto a flourishing scene!! 2006 is the year of SOTHIS!
Drogoth.....oh and Tony says thanx to Adam for the amazing artwork!


All Hail ALLERJEN.check out links or homepage.Keeping it British!!Watch for them in 2006. Friends of Tony and this site!!k out


Tom Araya, Abaddon, Dave Lombardo, Rob Redhead, Tony D. & Jeff Hanaman with Ged Wolf behind ,Marquee Club, London 1985. ATOMKRAFT & SLAYER.


Lemmy and Tony. Marquee Club during,Dumpy's Rusty Nuts - 1987 approx!

Nasty Ronnie (NASTY SAVAGE) and Tony.Poland 1988
Gary Young(AVENGER) centre with Jim and Steve  Spence,friends of Tony but crew for the day!1985 before ATOMKRAFT opened for SLAYER.
Kieth Nichol,VENOM producer and producer of ATOMKRAFT's 'Future Warriors' LP
Abaddon(VENOM) and Tony,pre his VENOM placement,happier days!
Gordon Atkinson,mainstay roadcrew member for both VENOM and ATOMKRAFT with Rob Redhead.1987 behind Dynamo festival.
Unconditional Thrash Metal, our friends SACRIFICIAL.Check 'em out @Sacrificial.dk.
Congratulations Rico on yur new addition from all here @ tonydolan.net.
Photographer and VORTEX drummer Henk'De Tank Bosma.Great live shots of ATOMKRAFT from Hardenberg Holland and the Raise Your Fist Festival,curtosy of Mr.Bosma,check out the Live section!
Ozzie guitar slinger Joe Matera who appears as a guest on the forthcoming ATOMKRAFT 7" and 12" E.P. Tentitively titled,'Are You Lookin At Me?'
This is Dave Smooth Bonvivant!One of the best Lawyers in California,now based in Seattle.He's a KRAFTMAN in all sense of the word and he's a friend of Tony and this site!
Here's the first live pic of the new ATOMKRAFT 7 stringer PAYRE(Hunter/Killer,Viperine).Long live the KRAFTMEN!
Here on our right is Vladimir 'Scorpio' Osipov form The MetalList Portal with his friend in hand!
On our left? None other than Mantas with our good friend Luca Bosio, Journalist and impressario!!
Here's, JOlie Benoit , Laura Silva , Christin Noel and Mary Dollar. OK ! Why not ? This is from the San Diego Convention 2004.Sword & Stone , the company who made this armour also did the weapons on Master & Commander !
This is TONY' mate PHIL ANDERSON of KAOS2000 fame.
He's also the guy that took that famous RANDY RHODES/OZZY photograph!You know,thatone,yes!Well it's him,with Mary & Laura I believe!You Dawg!!
This is TONY' mate DAVE LING of METAL HAMMER/CLASSIC ROCK etc,etc, with his eldest son JONNO and some guy from ACDC??
I say,isn't that MARK 'The Animal' MENDOZA and JJ FRENCH of TWISTED SISTER with ARNIE,yet another of DAVE LING' off spring??
Here's TONY with JAAP WAGEMAKER from NUCLEAR BLAST Records and CARL BEGAI from BW/BK mag.Enjoying themselves no doubt at the EARTHSHAKER FESTVAL
Mr.lamb in his cabin
David Threlfall & Tony - Killick and Lamb
Anyone for Tennis?  
Tony & James D'Arcy - Lamb and Pullings
Tony featured in American Cinematographer
USA. 2004
Paul Bettany and Tony,M&C Mexico 2002(That's Georgia Dolan in the doorway!)


Way Of Life

This is Tony's nephew's band,click the pic and check 'em out!
Michael Green-Vocals (his nephew)
Shawn Walstedt-Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Nathan Walstedt-Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Dennis Fox-Bass
Andrew Jarvis-Drums


In Milan-on tour with Venom-1985-WOW!
In Milan-on tour with Venom-1985-WOW!
Amsterdam-on tour with Nuclear Assault-1986  
Poland-on tour with Nasty Savage-1988
Mantas and Me-In League with Santa-666  
Florence-Italy-on tour with Exodus-1985
Mexico,Master&Commander-on set-2003  
Queen Musical-London-teaching guitar-2004
Future Warrior sessions-1985